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What's in your beach bag?

With summer officially upon us (yay!), we're spending more time outdoors and for a lot of us that means the beach. Whether we go for relaxation, sun bathing, sand volleyball, surfing, swimming or snorkeling, with kids or friends or lovers, the essentials we pack remain pretty much the same. So what does that look like? Here we've compiled a short list of our beach bag must haves, and are curious, what's in yours?

1. The Beach Bag

Sometimes we need oversized for the family, sometimes just a backpack is enough for the two of us, and other times we enjoy this gem: That’s right, wine to go! This bag from Porto Vino fits 1.5 liters, keeps it chilled for a few hours, and eliminates the bottle and corking at the beach. We’re not too fancy – throw in a couple reusable, insulated camping cups and we’re good to go! And we can also fit in the other essentials following. Purchase the bag here if you’re interested, and don’t forget to throw in the pouch refill packs!

We all know how important sunglasses are for filtering UV rays and our eye health, so these are must! Not to mention it makes life a whole lot easier to not be squinting and well, they look good too. When we found these sunglasses we were thrilled because not only do they look amazing, but they’re made in America! We love finding and supporting products made in the USA, and these ones are hand-crafted out of the beautiful state of Oregon. 

2. The Sunglasses
3. The Sunscreen

Do you have an olive skin tone and tan so easily and nicely that you feel like you don’t need sunscreen? I do! But as the sun damage begins to show, I’m kicking myself for all those years I went without, and now it’s an absolute must. That, and the fact that my partner will burn within 30 seconds of sun exposure, and naturally, we want our kids protected! As a natural-as-possible family we love this stuff by Block Island; it’s natural, EWG rated 1 (wow!), AND made in America! Win win! 

Towels have come a long way. No longer are bulky beach towels our only option, we have beautiful, lightweight Turkish towels, super absorbent microfiber towels, and even recycled towels, which brings us to our choice here. Not only is it super versatile, compact and lightweight, but it’s also made of 30 plastic bottles! That’s right, Nomadix took post-consumer recycled plastic and turned into a towel. A good-looking towel.

4. The Towel
5. The Sand Lounger

You knew this would be here, right? It just makes relaxing so easy, and you wouldn’t believe how many times we hear “this is so much more comfortable than I thought it would be!”. We love that feedback, and we’re pretty sure it will simplify your beach day too – I mean, who wants to lug those chairs down? Just throw all these items in your beach bag, and remember to fill in your hole after your amazing day to keep those turtles happy!

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