How To Use The Sand Lounger

Scoop • Sit • Relax

The Sand Lounger provides you with the ideal location to lounge at any spot, in style, at any beach. You no longer have to settle for whatever seat isn’t taken; the Sand Lounger enables you to create the perfect place to enjoy your day at the beach.




After you have chosen where you want to set up your Sand Lounger, you will scoop the sand into a small slope. This serves to create the ideal place to spread your towel.




Spread your towel over your created slope and take a seat! It really is as easy as that.




You’re all set to enjoy the day at the beach! Your next step is simply to sit back, relax, and enjoy! You can even create the perfect place to rest your head with the frame of the Sand Lounger. You’ll never go back to traditional beach chairs again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please remember, leave no trace! After you’ve enjoyed your day, please remember to fill in any holes you dug out to preserve the beach for wildlife that call it home.

Nope! We tested it to ensure its reliability. We’re confident it will provide years of value.

This was one of our goals: a lightweight, easy to pack solution to upgrade the beach experience. The Sand Lounger weighs just 13.5 ounces and packs easily into a carry-on bag, beach bag, or backpack.

Another one of our goals is to help keep our beautiful oceans and earth clean. We source materials that may otherwise be disposed of in our oceans or landfills and put them to great use!

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