It's Not A Beach Chair...

But It Is!

Lightweight, portable, and durable device removes the need for heavy beach equipment.

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Simplify The Beach

Planning for your beach day doesn’t have to require a checklist. Your beach day should be fun and simple, not stressful. The Sand Lounger helps you to accomplish this, because it is a simple and functional beach accessory. Say goodbye to packing all of your stuff separately because those days are in the past!

All of your Essentials in a Single, Easy to Carry Bag

The Sand Lounger helps to combine multiple beach day essentials to ensure that you can have the best beach day possible. It enables you to recline in the sand while your child builds an epic sandcastle with this lightweight, durable product. In addition, it is made from recycled materials so that it can be reused again and again!

There Has To Be An Easier Way...

Does it feel like you have to pack up your entire house to enjoy a day at the beach? The Sand Lounger makes it easy and convenient to bring the comfort of your home to the unique atmosphere of the beach. No more packing bulky beach chairs to help you relax, simply grab your Sand Lounger and go!

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

The Sand Lounger helps provide you with the perfect spot to lounge in style at any beach. You don’t have to find the ideal spot; you can create it yourself! Using a Sand Lounger ensures that you can create a comfortable and relaxing place to enjoy some sun.


1. Scoop

After you have chosen your location, let the Sand Lounger shape the sand, this will create the ideal seat.

sand-lounger-setup (1)

2. Sit

Once the Sand Lounger has done its job, simply spread the towel over the area, re-orientate the sand lounger to now support your head. 


3. Relax

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your day at the beach. Our pillow attaches to the Sand Lounger in the head support position for optimal comfort.

Experience The Beach In A New Way

You’ve never experienced the beach the right way until you have experienced it the Sand Lounger way. The Sand Lounger is a lightweight and durable recliner that can be used anywhere.

You get to create your ideal seat wherever you want on the beach! It is made with high-quality, recycled materials, so you can be confident that your eco-friendly helper will enable you to create the perfect spot to enjoy any outdoor activity.

It’s also light enough for you to easily and conveniently take along on your next adventure!

Made For Travel

100% Recycled Material.

The Sand Lounger products are the perfect companion for your day at the beach. Maintaining the concept of being lightweight, compactible, convenient, and most importantly, comfortable the Sand Lounger brand accomplishes it all anywhere you go.

Heavy beach chairs are too unwieldy to carry across any distance, which often leaves you stuck right by the parking lot, which can negate the entire purpose of your beach day. With our lightweight design, you can create a headrest or lounge chair at any spot along the beach.

The optional inflatable cushion neck pillow and drink cooler backpack combo ensures that you have everything you need for a great summertime experience.


Others That Love The Sand Lounger

Still not convinced? Trust in experience! People love our Sand Lounger! We hear all the time that it is their favorite new product. Here are some first-hand experiences about why this invention has made sitting on a beach so much better:

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The Sand Lounger is the perfect spot to lounge in style at any beach. This product creates a comfortable and relaxing place for you!